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OEM Digital Pressure Controller

26 мар 2020, 05:40

[table][tr][td]Explosion proof pressure controller
Explosion proof pressure controller QYK105 is digital pressure controller with explosion proof case, it is used for industry.
Main Features
1.φ100 standard instrument installation
2.4 digits LED display with high resolution, no indication error
3.Relay output 220V/3A of four lines control
4.Button adjustment and set up parameters on site
5.4-20mA standard signal output (alternative)
6.RS485 signal output and networking (alternative)
7.Four lines control at site, free configuration
8.Optional power supply 24VDC/220VAC
Specification of Intelligent Pressure Transmitter with Controller QYK105
Pressure Range -0.1~0...100MPa
Accuracy ≤0.5%F.S
Power Supply 24VDC/220VAC
Overload Capacity 150%F.S.
Response Time <30ms
Pressure Type Gauge/Absolute/Differential Pressure
Stability <0.1%/year
Display 0.56" Nixie Tube
Display Range -1999~9999
Medium Temperature -40~150℃
Operating Temperature -30~80℃
Relative Humidity 0-90%
Selection Guide of Intelligent Pressure Transmitter with Controller QYK105
Thread Connection G14 G1/4
G12 G1/2
M20 M20*1.5
Thread Connection J φ100 Radial, Stainless Steel Case
B Explosion-proof Case
Power Voltage D 24VDC
A 220VAC
Output Singal I 4-20mA
R RS485
Measuring Range According to customer's request OEM Digital Pressure Controller

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